Five case study sites

AFROMAISON: Study sites

Five case study sites, covering desserts, highlands, wetlands, grasslands, tropical humid forest and mountain forest, have thus been selected. Each case study has a specific focus as a response to specific pressures, policies and other local conditions. However, tasks will not merely be limited to this focus area, different aspects of integrated responses will be considered in all areas. Fundamental in all cases is access to land, water and wood. All AFROMAISON project partners have previously been engaged on related projects in these areas. The ambitious aims of this project could only function thanks to the rich data and expertise that already has been gathered during these projects.

To develop and test a framework for INRM and to transfer results across case studies, sites throughout Africa have been chosen taking following criteria into consideration:

  • Multi-functional landscape; it can include both protected and non-protected areas

  • Strong competition of uses of natural resources & degradation of natural resources

  • High vulnerability

  • Strong local partners with good knowledge of pressing issues in INRM and well-connected and proven track record

  • Established networks with stakeholders and authorities

  • Work done in previous (recently finished) or current projects on at least one of the thematic focal points

  • Area between 5,000 km² - 50,000 km²

Following five case study areas were chosen: