The AfroMaison Broker

In an Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM) framework that AfroMaison is developing, it is a necessity to find, access, and integrate various types of data coming from different scientific or non-scientific communities. In other words, a multi-disciplinary framework must support INRM. However currently two common obstacles, among others, are preventing the implementation of such framework:

• Difficulties to find data,

• Difficulties to integrate data.

One of the major reason for these problems is that different disciplines involved use different technology, arrangements, protocols, formats, etc... to publish their resources. Therefore, to make various resources interoperable it is required not to change or impose interoperability arrangements within community but instead to try lowering entry barriers for both users and providers.

To tackle such problem, AfroMaison has adopted the brokering approach using the caching and mediation capabilities proposed by GI-cat ( twiki/view/GIcat/) to federate heterogeneous resources (data catalog and access services).

The AfroMaison broker can therefore transform query results to a uniform and consistent interface implementing metadata harmonization and protocol adaptation. This enables users to search across various resources and allows them to easily discover data that can fulfill their requirements. Supported standards are: OGC WCS, OGC WMS, OGC WFS, OGC WPS, OGC SOS, OGC CSW, THREDDS, CDI, GBIF, GeoNetwork, Deegree, ESRI ArcGIS Geoportal, OpenSearch, OAI- PMH, NetCDF, NCML, ISO19115, GeoRSS, GDACS, DIF, File System, SITAD, INPE, HYDRO, WaterML.

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The AfroMaison Broker is based on the GIcat application ( and implements the multidisciplinary interoperability framework called "brokering approach" proposed by the EU/FP7 project EuroGEOSS (

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