AfroMaison Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) intrinsically asks for cooperation, exchange of information and communication. As a key aspect to enhance the management capacity of sub-national authorities and communities, the Afromaison project aims to improve the exchange of information, contribute to filling the gaps and provide a platform for the sharing and geographical expansion of tools for Integrated Natural Resource Management.

However, geospatial data are voluminous, geographically distributed, heterogeneous in format, complex, and bound to institutional arrangements and policies. To address this issue, a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) has as primary objective to provide a basis for geospatial data discovery, evaluation, and application for users and providers within all levels of government, commercial and the non-profit sectors, academia and citizens (GSDI, 2004). For more general information on SDIs, visit:

The AfroMaison SDI is built around Free and Open Source Software to make all data and metadata interoperable, discoverable, accessible and integrable using web services. The metadata catalog is based on GeoNetwork (, as ilustrated in the last screenshot below, and all data services and webGIS applications are developed around the OpenGeo Community Edition software stack (

The AfroMaison broker is also part of this SDI, allowing to find even more data coming from heterogeneous sources and all the AfroMaison services have been registered as GEOSS components.

Users can access AfroMaison catalog and services at the following URLs:

- AfroMaison WMS:
- AfroMaison WFS:
- AfroMaison WCS:

- AfroMaison metadata catalog:

- AfroMaison CSW:

- AfroMaison broker:

- AfroMaison services registered in GEOSS:

These can easily be visualized in a dedicated OpenGeo Suite module called "GeoExplorer" ( as illustrated below:

AfroMaison geoExplorer displaying webservices

AfroMaison geonetwork metadata catalog